Nail Art for Penticton

Many women in Penticton like to express their unique style through their nails. Incorporating nail art into your look is a discreet and sophisticated way to spice up your style without doing a major overhaul on your appearance. At Defy Hair & Esthetics Salon, we offer our clients an array of nail art designs to choose from, however, with so many choices some of our Penticton clients still have a hard time choosing which style is right for them. It is important to factor your lifestyle and needs into the choice you make. If your days tend to be busy and demanding, you don’t want a high maintenance nail art look to worry about.

For your convenience, we have listed some popular styles in that are popular with our clients in Penticton. Which style speaks to you? Don’t forget, our talented nail artists are always able to customize any style for you. If you bring in a reference photo of style that you like, we can surely make that happen.


Graphic nail designs are slick, modern and chic. These styles incorporate clean lines and contrast and make a statement. Often, graphic nail art uses negative space to hint at what isn’t there rather than spelling it out. It can be abstract, unique, playful, and cool.


Classic nail art includes plain color manicure styles, floral designs, rainbows, fades and polka dots. These designs are sure to never go out of style.


A French manicure is always a popular choice. The French manicure is screams sophistication and poise. A lady with a French manicure is a lady indeed! We offer many shades to choose from to customize your French manicure, and we also offer pedicures to match!


Glitter is a fun way to incorporate sparkle and shine into your nail art. We can do a top coat of glitter atop any color of your choosing or we can outfit your nail with rhinestones and chunky glitter. Glitter is always popular around the holidays and especially for new year’s. Glitter catches the light beautifully during the day and transitions smoothly into night for a sexy, sophisticated look.


Gothic nail art is a fun way to express the vixen in you. A matte top coat can really bring out that dark vibe. If something a little more graphic suits you, we are able to do a reverse French manicure.

Aquarium Nails

An aquarium nail is when you take two panes of acrylic and stick some baby oil and glitter in between the two before sealing them. This creates a snow globe or aquarium effect. Very futuristic!

These are only a few examples of the thousands of nail ideas you can implement into your look. No matter what your nail art style is, our Penticton nail technicians will be sure to satisfy all styles. Call us today and book your nail art appointment! We can’t wait to begin working with you.