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Hair Extensions in Kelowna

Are you looking to do something different with your hair?

Professional hair straightening, styling, and colouring can only do so much for your hair. No matter which of these treatments you choose, you still only have your hair to work with. The colour of your hair might not be too cooperative with certain styles or colouring treatment. Or, your hair might not be as long as you want it to be.

At Defy Hair & Esthetics, you can add length to your hair, or give yourself a totally new look all with the magic of our high-quality and ethical hair extensions.

Your hair is delicate. You don’t want to put your hair in the hands of just anyone. So why not put your extensions in the hands of a professional salon filled with stylists who care?

Micro-Link Hair Extensions by Defy Hair & Esthetics and More

Whether you want waist-length hair, or you want a long ponytail, hair extensions are the fastest and most stylish approach on the market.

Like how every person’s natural hair is different, there are also a variety of hair extensions on the market and various application methods.

Micro-link hair extensions have little beads on them that link your hair to the extensions. Every individual strand of the extension hair has a small link on it which we put your hair through. Once the hair is through the bead, it is clamped down.

With the micro-link technique, your natural hair and the extensions fully become one. Micro-link extensions are incredibly secure, and they blend in with your natural hair perfectly!

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

There are kinds of hair extensions on the market, just like how every person’s natural hair is different.

Micro-bonding (or micro-link) methods—which you better believe Defy Hair & Esthetics is familiar with—can last up to four months before they need to be re-fitted. Double-taped extensions, as well as weaves, typically last for six to eight weeks before they’ll need to be replaced.

Just like your naturally grown hair, extensions can get split ends. Over time they’ll start to look damaged and fried. It is just the natural reaction to the hair being styled time and time again. We recommend that you pay close attention to your extensions. If they do begin to show signs of damage and split ends, don’t hesitate to visit the professional hair stylists at Defy Hair & Esthetics.

Customize Your Hair Extensions With Defy Hair & Esthetics

It doesn’t matter whether your hair extensions are clip-ins from the local pharmacy or professionally linked micro-bond extensions. Those extensions are going to look so much better if your stylist cuts and colours them to best match your beauty.

Doing this will make them blend into your haircut.

Most professional stylists will already know this, but not all of them. Rest assured that Defy Hair & Esthetics won’t let you leave the salon until your extensions look as beautiful and natural as the rest of you.

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